Undoubtedly. each filter on a vehicle is just as important as the next. While most people have a good idea of what role an oil or air filter plays, the exact purpose of a coolant filter seems more abstract.

Why Coolant Filters?

Coolant filters on diesel engines are designed to remove:

  • Solid and liquid contaminats from cooling systems
  • Silica gel
  • Scale

Coolant filters mechanically filter the coolant through fine media, removing impurities such as sand and rust particles suspended in the coolant.

  • Coolant filters provide many basic roles for engines, two of which include:
  • Ensure a clean cooling system
  • Improve heat conductivity when chemical additives are utilized

Coolant filters trap and hold sludge and other contaminates, while dispensing chemial additives that protect the system from its three arch enemies: ( Scale, Corrosion and cavitation erosion ).

Rust particles are particularly nasty. If they are not filtered out of the coolant, they will quickly damage aluminum and similar soft-metal cooling system components.


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