REAL World Protection you can trust.

REAL World Sludge - Not Dust.

The Venturi passes the required M11 High Soot Test, also recognized by API, Proving REAL World contaminant capacity unlike competitors' filters which are only tested for dust capacity. Dust alone is irrelevant in REAL world lube systems.

REAL Sludge Control.

The Venturi includes REAL bypass filtration as required by OEM specs ensuring ONLY clean oil reaches the engine components. Using the unique internal flow achieved with the Venturi nozzle, the built-in stacked disc bypass media captures high amounts of sludge thus aloowing the oil section without plugging.

REAL Cold Start Protection.

The Venturi is tested using specified cold start conditions ensuring that it provides protection to vital engine parts during cold starts.

REAL Reliability

In addition to real World testing, each filter is designed & tested using a battery of filtration industry test methods including ISO 4548-12, SAEJ1858, SAE HS-J806 and ISO 2942.

REAL Performance

Only the Venturi is designed for REAL World Performance

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