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REAL Performance Don't Compromise On Air Filtration

Air Quality Significantly Impacts the Performance of your Engine

There is no room for compromise. The air intake is a completely open system. Air Filters are essential for heavy-duty diesel engines and the air that these engines 'breath' needs to be as clean as possible.

Small Difference - Big Consequence.

One air cleaner can be significantly more effective than another - even if the difference in efficiency appears to be marginal.
The test results below were obtained in high dust conditions (200 mg/m3)

From Precleaning to OptiAir

With a range of over 1,500 different air filtration products from clamps to air housings to state-of-the-art air filters, Cummins filtration, a world class leader in Heavy Duty Air Filtration, covers all the needs for your sophisticated air intake systems.

Designed to Exceed Specifications.

Fleetguard media technology is designed to meet technical specifications including fibre size, shape, pore size, paper thikness weave and mechanical strength.

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